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Jade Therapy:

a place to grow

Sometimes life is hard. Who am I kidding, life is often if not usually hard! Taking the time and effort to look at what is working and what isn’t working in your own life is a brave step toward feeling better in your own skin. Often the work at Jade Therapy looks a lot like taking steps (some minuscule, some monumental, all equally as needed and pivotal) toward yourself and the ways you can become more fully you. Through that greater understanding (and ultimate acceptance) of self, you can feel better.


Tightness in your chest, racing thoughts, an inability to concentrate, a pounding heart, sleeplessness, irritability, rage, a sense of impending doom. Do any of these sound familiar? Often, anxiety can be a signal that something needs your attention. What is that something? Therapy can be a great place to explore and discover what it might be for you.

Body Image

I cannot think of one woman in my life who has not been affected deeply by the pervasive diet culture that cloaks our culture. Often the internal battle around body size, food, body image, and loathing begins before puberty and it often feels like it might be there until the end. WAIT. What if it didn't have to be that way? What if you could find peace with yourself - beyond having a 'good' eating day, a perfect workout week or a smaller pair of pants? It is possible, and I believe it can be true for you.


I work with individuals and couples in all different contexts. If you're facing grief, depression, hard transitions, gender identity questions, motherhood challenges, looking for a pre-marriage check up or facing infidelity, therapy can help. What’s happening in your life and how can therapy make it seem less challenging? Contact me to see if we might be a good fit.

Do you work with Couples?


Often when couples seek therapy, it’s because things aren’t working. The feelings of disconnection, apathy, anger or resentment may have become the major players in the relationship, and feelings of connection seem like a memory. Good news: things can improve. Through working collaboratively to discover needs, desires, and hurts, each person can grow in their understanding of self and in turn grow closer to their partner.

a place of nurturance and growth for individuals and couples in Kansas City

Why Jade?

Jade is a symbol of nurturance and nourishment, and it is said that it brings elements of harmony and balance. In the healing realm, it is said that Jade makes you become more of who you are. Whether that ‘woo’ is something you are into or not, the sentiment remains the same: Jade Therapy is a place for you to become more of who you are.